Orlando's Motivation

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Since the beginning, man has based their actions on certain motivations. Several dramas toy with the subject of devotion. In Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” devotion is the base of each character. Most individuals have certain motivation which keeps them going. In the well-known Shakespeare play, “As You Like It” all main characters have major devotions revolving around love, hatred, and commitment which affect their actions.

Love is essential for the character’s development. To begin with, Rosalind fell in love with Orlando at first glance, and since then goes all out to see if Orlando is truly right for her. In addition, Rosalind says, “Gentleman, wear this for me. I’m a woman who's down on her luck, and I’d give more if I could” (1.2.243-244). This quote is when Rosalind gave Orlando her necklace, this marks the beginning of Rosalind’s affection towards Orlando. Furthermore, after being banished by Duke Fredrick, Celia and Rosalind go out to the forest of Arden disguised as Ganymede and Aliena. At a certain point in the play, Rosalind (as Ganymede) begins to testify Orlando to see if he is “the one”. Incidentally, Silvius shows many times his love and dedication towards …show more content…

Primarily, Oliver has tremendous hatred towards Orlando for no reason of any sort, enough to not give him a proper education or any cash from the inheritance. Moreover, Duke Frederick says “Find out thy brother, wheresoe'er he is. Seek him with candle. Bring him, dead or living, within this twelvemonth” (3.1.5-7). Duke Frederick despises Orlando because the Duke and Orlando’s father were enemies. He wanted Orlando dead or alive brought by Oliver within a year. Hate drives him to do this unnecessary act. Similarly, Duke Frederick overthrew Duke Senior and exiled him from the Dukedom. This shows Duke Frederick has no compassion for Duke Senior and does not lend him any space in the Dukedom which causes Duke Senior to go off into the

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