Oryx And Crake Character Analysis

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Parenthood, a three syllable word that seems small at the surface but can play a major role in a child's life, influencing their health and physiological development. It shapes their personalities and greatly impacts the child's decision making. In the novel Oryx and Crake written by Margaret Atwood, the power of parenthood is shown through the role of Jimmy’s parents as they raise him to be a selfish and antisocial character who later redeems himself through parenting the Crakers. Parenthood is again prevalent through Crake’s lifestyle as his parents have influenced him to be an isolated person with an obsession for science and changing mankind, thus making it difficult for him to engage with those around him and ultimately causing him to …show more content…

His mother quits her job due to her intellectual breakdowns, which at the time are taken lightly. Later, when Jimmy is a teenager, she abandons him to live in the dirty pleeblands, taking along his only friend, the ratkunk. This causes Jimmy to live in isolation and devastation. Even Jimmy’s father, a well known researcher who assimilates perfectly into their society, leaves a negative mark on Jimmy’s upbringing. Jimmy’s father does not understand the fact that young children can not comprehend an ironic sense of humour. This causes the communication levels between Jimmy and his father to be very poor, as seen when Jimmy asks him if “[he] will be burned up” (Atwood, 19) just like the animals were previously due to their disease. Since Jimmy has a cough he worries that he too will get burned up and his father replies by saying “most likely” (19), leaving Jimmy frightened and upset as he envisions himself burning in the fire. Jimmy’s parents forget his birthdays all the time which takes a toll on Jimmy’s lifestyle and reminds him of his childhood nanny, Dolores, whom he would regularly yearn for. Dolores would “always remember his birthdays”(50) unlike his mother who needed reminding “on how old Jimmy was or what day he was born”(50). Birthday parties are prevalent throughout a child’s lifestyle and not having the love and affection from his family subconsciously affected Jimmy, causing

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