Osama Bin Laden Research Paper

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1st Para-
T- Despite what Islam believes and teaches against suicide and the killing of the innocent, terrorist group as such as Al Qaeda have been made to mark the absence of mankind.

E- Despite following Islamic religion, he formed Al Qaeda. He’d reward money to those that helped, and punish those that didn’t. The one that was a transactional leader, Osama Bin Laden could influence anyone with his cunning words.


The example of Bin Laden and the act done by him would be best described as the 9/11 attack.

A- Here we can now see that all Osama Bin Laden ever wanted was the death of all the Americans which he had clearly stated to the reporters in one of his interviews in 1998.

S- So overall, he hated America yet believed in Islam …show more content…

E- Osama would reward those that did his job with money whereas Malala is encouraging creativity in education through women and girls for them to be independent and earn money themselves.

2nd Para-
T- On the other hand, a true Islamic, a girl, shot by the Taliban for the rights of education for every woman, fought for her life in the UK.

E- She believes that the Taliban now know the value of education and the voices of the females in Pakistan. That is why it is best to not let them study. But she says that a bullet cannot silence her.

X- Being an activist for the right to education, she is the youngest and the first ever Pakistani to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

A- A fortunate girl to be allowed to study, despite the religion and the Taliban, a girl that is willing to die for the sake of one pen to one child.

S- She says she does not want revenge, but instead of weapons, there to be pens in the children born to the Taliban.

3rd Para-
T- With Osama being a transactional leader and Malala being transformational, from which if you compare both, you are sure to find a difference of like sky and

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