Osteoporotic Women Essay

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Research Finds Dental Implants Leads to Better Quality of Life for Osteoporotic Women
Latest research conducted by dental researchers finds that dental implants can give a better quality of lives to women suffering from osteoporosis who’re more prone to tooth loss.
Mobile, AL -- With growing age, postmenopausal females with osteoporosis are in high risk of losing their teeth. But what therapy for tooth loss offers women with greatest level of satisfaction within their social and work lives?
A new study by Dental Medicine researchers of Case Western Reserve University suggests dental implants is probably the best path to take. According to Dr. Bradford B Liles of Springhill Family Dentistry of Mobile, AL, “Dental implants feel and look like …show more content…

The survey included 23-question rated satisfaction with their health, work, sexual and emotional facets of their lives.
Osteoporotic women having one or more adjacent missing teeth (eliminating third molars or wisdom teeth) were selected for the research. The women had repair work done that incorporated dental implants (64 women), mounted partial denture that is really a fake tooth cemented to caps of two tooth (60 women), a denture, better-known as fake tooth (47 women ), or had no repair work completed (66 women).
Women having dental implants testified a greater overall satisfaction in their lives. Fixed dentures recorded next-highest in satisfaction, followed closely by false teeth and, lastly, women without any repair work. Females with dental implants additionally accepted highest satisfaction in sexual and emotional areas, while those without repairs got the lowest in these two areas.
As medical professions move to a patient-focused type of providing dental support, knowing the patient’s results for satisfaction of the therapy’s esthetics is really as essential as eating purpose, Dr. Bradford W Liles

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