Othello Character Analysis

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What defines a person, or how might a person define themself? Is it the things they believe in, the things they say, or the actions they perform? There are several aspects that determine how Shakespeare’s readers, even the characters in the play, define his well-crafted character Othello. Someone who once stood as an honorable and noble authority figure, was then transformed into a murderer in just a matter of days, leaving a lifetime promise of love crumbling as a result of a few days of speculation. In the Shakespearean tragedy, Othello creates his own downfall by letting his weaknesses get the better of him, by blindly following Iago’s illusions and manipulations, enabling the extreme spite and jealousy that led to his ultimate demise. Othello was easy to come to the idea of of his wife’s supposed adultery through fake trust. Even though Othello says “I do not believe but Desdemona’s honest” (3.3.265), it was not soon after for the idea to quickly take traction that Desdemona could be sleeping with Cassio. This artificial trust that Iago had built with Othello doesn’t only come from them being side by side in their past, but generally telling a deeply trusted friend that their significant other may be fooling around with someone else is quite a claim to be made. The fact that Iago takes the step to tell this to Othello built a stronger bond between the two, sucking Othello into Iago’s manipulations and blindly believe the speculations that were put in front of him.
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