Othello's Tragic Flaw

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Shakespeare is very well known for his inclusion of tragic flaws throughout the storylines of his novels. Hero’s, as courageous as they may seem, are just like any other person and go through flaws throughout their lifetime regardless of the extent of their situation. In Shakespeare’s novel Othello, with all the events twisting the readers mind from one side to another, there are many distinct qualities that portray Othello’s tragic flaw. Iago was portrayed as an honest character but with his careful deceptions jabbing in Othello’s mind, he is far from honest. Othello’s tragic flaw is that he trusts others opinions more than his own perceptions and Shakespeare develops this flaw by using convincing persuasive appeals and strong syntax throughout…show more content…
Shakespeare portrays Iago using ethos to persuade Othello that his wife has been cheating on him and states, "Men should be what they seem, or those that be not, would they might seem not" (3.3 126-127). Iago ironically states that people should look the same on the outside as on the inside and they shouldn’t be twofaced. Iago cleverly knows that once an idea has been put into Othello’s head no matter what Iago says, Othello will follow that idea and be effortlessly manipulated by Iago. Iago proceeds to use the appeal of pathos in his words when he appeals to Othello’s emotions and provoked him. When Othello thinks that Cassio has Desdemona’s handkerchief Iago does his best to convince Othello that it is nothing but the truth and Iago states, “If it be that, or any that was hers, It speaks against her with the other proofs”(3.3 500-501). Othello maddened by Iagos words ragingly responds, “Oh, I’d kill that bastard Cassio forty thousand times if I could! Killing him once is not enough revenge. Now I see it’s true…”(3.3 502-504). Iago knows exactly how to appeal to Othello and push his buttons for him to think the exact way Iago wishes him to. When Iago puts the handkerchief by Cassio, he changes the scenario into proof that Desdemona was cheating on Othello and ruins their
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