Otto Von Bismarck On Wikipedia And Britannica

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I would like examine Otto von Bismarck on Wikipedia and Britannica to see how the information entry differs from each other. After going through the information about Bismarck, I noted that most of the information provided on Wikipedia is useful but couldn’t be used as a trusted source for scholarly paper. The information on both Wikipedia and Britannica matches but sources for the information on Wikipedia doesn’t seems to be credible. The reason why the information cannot be trusted is because so many unknown persons added/edited the information and I found it so hard to confirm its accreditation. For example, after going through the information about Bismarck on Wikipedia, I scrolled down to check the source and references for the information …show more content…

Here is the link for Bismarck and link for the first source I opened which cannot be trusted since the source has not been verified and marked incomplete. However, some other sources listed there can be trusted as verified source but still hard to trust the most trusted sources on Wikipedia can be edited.
Britannica seems to be a good source for research projects since the sources are verified and the links are provided in a way that a person can check its credibility. For example, the information provided about Bismarck seems to be provided from credible sources and the authors are verified. After going through Bismarck and checking the sources …show more content…

Most of the people who made the changes to the mentioned topic are not even verified by Wikipedia itself, nor any information has been provided to ensure their credibility. As mentioned above, grammatical and punctuation errors make the information sound less scholarly and credible to be used for a school paper. I have noted so many people made changes and the list of sources provided under the topic got me into a bigger confusion on how to through such a long list of authors and verify their credential. Britannica’s sources of information is not very hard to verify but I rather use other sources for my papers such as accredited online libraries and books. I noted that the information provided on Britannica has reliable sources and are being checked by experts but still hard to be used as sole source for my papers. Wikipedia is a good source for general information which enables readers to easily access the information they need but not for students to use for their papers as it can most probably results in really bad

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