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Exam: 250636RR - Information Literacy Lesson Exam 3
1. Although online bibliographic generators are generally accurate, it 's always best practice to verify the accuracy of the citations by
A. using Purdue University and Long Island University 's online writing labs.
2. What is the style rule for introducing a direct quote in MLA?
C. Use a signal phrase that includes the author 's name, along with the page number on which the information appeared in parentheses.
3. The correct term for the list of sources in MLA format is
A. Works Cited..
4. Penn Foster 's Academic Integrity policy can be viewed in
B. Penn Foster 's Undergraduate Catalog and Student Handbook.
5. In the following citation from EDSeek (also known as Expanded Academic …show more content…

A. Social science disciplines, such as sociology, psychology, economics, and nutrition
19. The symbol ® means the ________ is registered.
B. trademark
20. _______ is an exemption to the copyright law.
C. Fair use
Discussion Question 5
Read the Academic Integrity: Student Code of Conduct section in Penn Foster 's Undergraduate Catalog and Student Handbook carefully. Discuss what the policy means to you and include ways that you 've learned

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