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Ouija is a horror film that is based in 1967 in Los Angeles. Ouija copies other horror films for example, The Conjuring and Annabelle based around the exact same time period and demonstrates alike characteristics which goes hand in hand with genre cliches based on sounds and actors. Ouija was stuffed with horrible movie recipes which made Ouija be a little dull. What was scary during the beginning wasn't scary anymore by the end of movie. Reviews for Ouija were not great, Rotten Tomatoes gave Ouija a 7 percent approval rating which is very low compared to other horror films made during the 2000’s. Ouija demonstrates innumerable interactions, genre cliches, and psychological complexities which made the movie have heavy resilience on cheap jump…show more content…
In total there was nearly 18 jump scares that made the movie silly and childish to watch. As viewers sat through Ouija the jump scares happened so often that nobody really got scared 3/4 into the movie which made ouija lose a lot of viewers once Ouija finally came out on DVD. As well, the genre cliches in Ouija made Ouija horrible and non suspenseful. Between Creaky staircases, dark hallways, and loud noises when something bad was going to happen Ouija was probably the worst horror film in 2014. Aja Romano states, “Spirits casually manipulating characters, targeting them without any follow - through, and leading them to make nonsensical decisions out of nowhere is silly that by the time we finally get around to learning who is possessing Doris, the revelation that it’s a generic horror cliche isn’t even insulting.” This shows that Ouija has no rhyme or reason when it comes to making sensical decisions. For instance, in the beginning the audience sees Debbie hang her self with lit up Christmas lights which makes no sense because there is no way the weight of a person could possibly hang them selfs with lights that are connected to a light socket. As the movie continues the audience still sees non thought out scenes especially when there was a funeral at Debbie’s house a day after her hanging innocent which would be considered a crime scene so the funeral should not have happened in the first place nor would the audience see the exact same lit up lights which hung Debbie on Debbie's dresser like they have never been touched
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