Our Emotions Are Like Silent Shadow

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Our emotions are like silent shadow that follow us throughout our lives, revealing our every feeling of displeasure or happiness whether we realize it or not. At times in our lives, we let our emotions get the better of us which can result in impaired judgement, thus leading us to make poor decisions. Our emotions can also help to enhance experiences. However when we experience emotion, many of us wish we could turn off our emotions and ignore them, but in truth we need our emotions to function. Our emotions can help us effectively communicate socially with others, but this effective communication can rapidly disintegrate, causing us to lose control of the situation at hand. If we can enhance our ability to read and understand emotions to a greater degree, we can possibly improve our social communication skills. On a similar note, if one can learn to tame their emotions or at least suppress them in an effective and healthy way, one could potentially unlock one of the keys that allows us to deal with even the toughest situations, such as making a life altering decision clearly and appropriately in the heat of the moment. Day in and day out, people are constantly communicating their emotions through a countless amount of facets, whether it be the slightest change in vocal tone or something as obvious as showing a smile of happiness. In turn, we seem to take this information in and innately analyze what we are perceiving. In most cases, our evolutionary roots has given us

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