George Washington 's First President

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Does anyone know why George Washington had trouble sleeping?
Because he couldn 't lie!

George Washington was the best man to lead the Continental Army.
Back in 1775, George Washington, who would later become America 's first president, accepts the assignment to lead the Continental Army. The Second Continental Congress unanimously voted and offered him the role of commander in chief. Washington was the perfect choice, because of his military experience from the Virginia Militia in 1753. George Washington 's childhood days are not like the average young boy in the 1700s. He had lost his father at 11 years of age, and lived the rest of his childhood moving from several homes with his mother, Mary Ball Washington. After 3 years, Washington
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Some say that George Washington was the most influential man available, him making the Continental army keep it 's unity and keep their hope. Others say that Washington 's failures outweigh his achievements, and that there could have been a better man to lead the Army instead of losing most of the battles to the British. However, the truth is, that the second Continental Congress chose George Washington because there was no one better fit for the job. George Washington was the best man to lead the Continental Army, because of his ambition, leadership, and creativity in battle!
His Ambition
George Washington has showed great ambition since his childhood years. He is considered humble because of his origins, neither poor nor rich, and that he did not receive a college education. Washington longed to become a soldier, and improve his social status. After serving the Virginian Regiment, he married a wealthy widow who launched him into Virginia 's social elite, and he obtained a large amount of land in the western frontier. George Washington wasn 't satisfied because of his many unpleasant experiences with the Virginian Military superiors and with the way nearby rulers from England gripped hold of the economic destiny of the colonies in America. So because of his personal ambition, He wanted the people to start a revolutionary war to cease the British rule on the 13 American Colonies.
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