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Personal Dossier Jessica Lee Our Lady of the Lake College Finding a job that fits you best can be very difficult. Is this job what I really want to do every day for 8-12 hours? Will I enjoy it and give the people their full satisfaction? These questions are important ones to ask yourself before you just jump straight into a job. Making sure that you are happy at what you are doing for a living is very important. My name is Jessica and I am here to tell you that this job is for me! I am the type of person you want to hire. While I am also a very laid back person, I am one to get the job done. If it’s not right the first time, I will continue to push forward until it is right and I will let no one stand in my …show more content…

I know that each of us has our own perspective and just because someone doesn’t see a way to something exactly as you do does not mean that his or her way is incorrect. We must be open minded to all ideas, for others’ ideas may be easier or more rewarding than yours. This does not bring a downfall on you but simply builds you to be a better, more open to ideas type of person. When you can step back and let someone else express his or her self, you are allowing yourself to be equal to all and understanding that you are not alone. This world needs a team and you are just a minor piece of the puzzle. Throughout this course, we studied several different personality theorists and their theories. The main theory that stood out to me was Erickson’s Theory of Psychosocial Development. The main idea of Erikson’s theory was developed from the view of Freud’s. This main idea was the whole “ego identity” and its development (Erikson, 1968, 1974). According to our course book “Perspectives on Personality”, ego identity is the consciously experienced sense of self. I know that I’m only 22 years of age but I feel as if I have been through a number of obstacles that have changed my views on this world. Through these experiences, my sense of self or “ego identity’ has changed. It has grown to understand more and I have matured as a person. One of many crises that I have personally experienced was close death in my family and close circle of friends. I was

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