Essay about Our Nation's Healthcare System

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If there’s one thing that Democrats and Republicans agree on, it’s that our health care system is in shambles. It’s the laughingstock of the civilized world, to be perfectly honest. The World Health Organization, part of the United Nations, ranks the United States 37th overall, just ahead of Slovenia and Cuba, and right behind Dominica and Costa Rica. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen; the World Health Organization ranks the mighty United States just above communist Cuba. In political science, there is a term called the iron triangle. The best example is the current defense setup in the United States. The three players are the defense contractors, the Department of Defense, and US Senators on defense spending committees. The DoD goes to…show more content…
They spent more money than financial institutions, if you can believe it. In total, $542,162,633 was spent on lobbying in Washington. The current proposal by President Obama does not go far enough in addressing the shortfalls of our system. The new proposal must include a public option, one provided by the government. Fear not, Conservatives, the implementation of the public option will not involve a mandate to use the program. When you get sick, which is inevitable given the amount of yelling you do, you won’t have to wait in line behind the other six million sick Americans to kiss the President’s ring to get your antibiotics. In fact, if implemented properly, it won’t change much of anything on your end. Right now, there are very few providers for health insurance in the United States, with many areas having only one option. Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, and UnitedHealth are some of the largest in the country, and much like the gasoline companies, control most of our fuel resources. The public option is designed to give everyone an option. Essentially, it would be a system that allows the government to offer a health insurance program, not limiting access based on pre-existing conditions or current job. Implementing a government run system would drive prices down, as providers would have to bring their prices to a reasonable level. This would largely happen
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