Our President Donald Trump Has Recently Made Multiple Statements

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Our President Donald Trump has recently made multiple statements on how he is planning to build a wall on the United States and Mexico border and placing bans on certain countries where the dominant religion is Islam. He placed these bans in hope to receive control of the United States immigration, which he wants to stop illegal immigrants who are looking for a better life out of the United States, and to try and stop terrorist acts from making its way onto United States’ soil. These plans are against the idea of the American standard of coming to America to better the individual’s life, just like our descendants who came from other countries to better their lives from economic or political hardships. These ideas are against Immanuel…show more content…
The individual worked hard which means they reached their goal. The counsels of prudence are thought of as a universal goal such as world peace or ending poverty around the world. The categorical imperative refers to individuals not thinking of our actions because they are our basic human instinct. Because of this, the categorical imperative is not based on a motive. It also refers to human beings as self-actualizing individuals. Individuals are to treat other individuals the way they want to be treated because it is their right as a human. An example of this imperative would be if some individual sees another being bullied, their instinct is to stop the bully and comfort the victim to make sure they are okay. Based on these two imperatives, I believe that Kant would not be for President Trump’s ideas on the refugee ban and the wall that separates Mexico and the United States. I do not think that Kant would believe that these ideas are moral to mankind. In To Perpetual Peace there are a few sections that correlate to how President Trump’s decision is not a way to receive perpetual peace. The Civil Constitution of every nation should be republican, refers to principles of freedom, principles of the dependence, and the law of the citizens. Kant says “It accords with the principles of the freedom of the members of a society (as men), second, it accords with the principles of the dependence of everyone on a single, common source of legislation (as
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