Our Trip to Rehab Essay

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The five of us arrived in Arizona on Friday, narrowly escaping another round of cancelled flights from 2014's nasty "Polar Vortex." Okay Canadians, I know that has you on the floor laughing. We took a relaxing four hour flight with a screaming child the entire way. No, that was not sarcasm. We found it relaxing because, for once, it was not our kid that was doing the screaming. When I called Dad to let him know we had arrived, there was sound of hope in his voice. We decided to head straight to rehab.

He explained that another doctor, a neuro-oncologist, had read Mom's MRI and differed in opinion from the previous physician's grim report. She ordered a MRI without contrast because this would help distinguish whether or not the …show more content…

Well, all of this would quickly become a thing of the past when mom announced, "Get me the Hell out of here, I can't take it anymore!" Her first roommate had moved on, and the new roommate was not what she was looking for if the wall between them was only going to be a curtain. The new roomie, Kathryn, was in an earlier stage of post-op, one that Mom was more than familiar with. With this came a lot of irritability and late night "conversations" through the curtain. When she gave her order, we stood to attention and gathered her goods. As we scanned the room we saw a sea of smiley face balloons the nuns would pass out with the motto "Give Smiles not Germs." Not exactly the gift that one would find exceptionally endearing, except for Kathryn. As Josh went to cut one of the attached ribbons, the roomie forcefully yelled "Hey! That's my balloon!" Way to go Josh, has this poor woman not been through enough? We headed out and never looked back.

Once we settled Mom back into life without curtained room dividers and a steady diet of mashed potatoes, you could see the immediate relief. We had to now come up with a game plan for the next days MRI findings. She had been over examined and over scanned, and had reached her breaking point. Mom wanted to regain some sense of control over her treatment and decided this would begin by only allowing the scan to be done by an open MRI machine. She was a

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