Our Waste Of The Free And The Home At The Brave Where We 're Run By Frank Kaler

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Oh America, the land of the free and the home of the brave where we’re run by big time corporations and the individual voice isn’t listened to. Environmental problems worldwide have been an ever growing problem based on our ignorant attitudes towards hazardous waste and an increase of CO2 being released by big time corporations. There are only so many things the public can do to change the spatial limitations of environmental destruction, yet governments care less about the environment and more about the money they make from destroying the environment. Humans are essentially the parasites of this world. In the movie “In Our Water”, Frank Kaler emphasizes his concern for the water pollution in South Brunswick and how getting help from local, county, state, and federal governments is like asking if Rutgers can give you free tuition for being an ordinary student. Frank Kaler’s emphasis on “making it more expensive to pollute than not to pollute” is a very strong solution to maintain the environment, yet to do this would be extremely hard from a political point of view because the public would have to pay more for electricity and other utilities. When Frank Kaler went to different levels of government in seek of help, he was told that they didn’t know what the problem was and told him to go ask someone else (run around strategy), which is what happens a lot to environmentalists seeking answers from the government. Frank Kaler states that we need to make it more expensive to

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