Our of Weak States Comes Terrorism Essay

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Existing for centuries, terrorism has plagued humanity consistently; however this phenomenon had remained dormant from the international spotlight until the events of September eleventh. In the years after the tragedy, the international community generated a comprehensive global procedure designed to identify high-risk areas in order to isolate, infiltrate and suppress the threat within vulnerable states. The assertion regarding Islamic extremist groups such as Al-Qaeda is that they emerge in primarily weak states which provide the pristine environment for their operations. For example, countries such as Somalia, Sudan, and Afghanistan are countries used as a “launching pad,” for international operations specifically in Afghanistan …show more content…

Allowing the ability to traffic small and light arms along with the transportation of chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons materials. These illegal commercial networks and activities used to finance armed conflicts generate revenue for terrorist groups resulting in a sustainable war economy. Speculating, the capabilities of modern international extremist groups profiting from the economical and logistical opportunities in isolated regions where they can establish secure bases to mass-produce trained, and motivated soldiers. Therefore, failed states should be the primary focus for prevention of an international crisis. The international community should view failed states as “black holes,” that threaten international interests primarily in the West, and be given considerable attention strategically instead of just as a humanitarian challenge. Though, in the last decade several governments and world leaders have emphasized the training and strengthening of both local and national law enforcement within high-risk regions, shifting from the traditional emphasis on state-centric military force. In theory, strengthening the police force would create difficulties, hampering or undermining significant terrorist groups from thoroughly functioning proficiently. Moreover, evidence supports as witnessed in Iraq, that if security is

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