Out of School Youth

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Panpacific University North Philippines Tayug Campus Name: Carbillon, April Ann T. Technical Writing and Scientific Reporting Course/Year/Section: BSE II – English Time Schedule: TTH – 2:00 – 3:30 Title: Out of School Youth in the Philippines ABSTRACT This study shows the reasons and effects why there are out of school youth. It also indicates the children’s rights are deprive form the privileges to have a free education of the government. The researcher included also the statistical analysis of the population of the young people who are out of school in the Philippines. It also indicates the conducting of surveys of some out of school youths and their reactions and comments why they are engaged of…show more content…
This Parents don't give any moral support like, “bakit ka pa kasi nag-aaral imbes tumulong ka dito sa bahay o sa bukirin” In English term “why do you go to school instead of helping us here in the house or in the field” and lastly even though how eager the child would want to go to school, his/her parents will not give any financial support and the child cannot do anything about it. 4. BAD PEER PRESSURE, some common reasons why children, and teens drop out are there bad peers. What are these bad pressure they are influencing to them?. Here are some examples ;( by: ashetreemeadow) premarital sex [or even sex between minors] under-age drinking liquor drugs of any kind (marijuana, cocaine, shabu etc.) self-mutilation even hygiene practices that are potentially unhealthy or harmful, like eating habits that lead to disorders vandalism theft bullying pornography 5. BAD VICES, Vice is a practice or a habit considered immoral, depraved, and/or degrading in the associated society (Wikipedia). Vices are like bad habits or an addiction that is always considered as too much for a person. This is an issue that most high school drop-outs even in elementary are addicted on this vices like drinking liquors, smoking, drug addiction, bad peer pressure even addiction in computer games can cause a drop outs in
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