Outcasts United ' By Warren St John Based On The Incredible Tale Of A Refugee Team

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Outcasts United Analysis ‘Outcast United’ is a book by Warren St John based on the incredible tale of a refugee soccer team and how a small town in America transformed to find unity in diversity. The book ‘Outcasts United’ expounds the story of the challenges and triumphs of a group of refugee players, the strength and determination of an exceptional woman who coaches them, and their neighbourhood. Clarkston, Georgia was an ordinary town in the south until the government designated it as a refugee settlement centre in the early 1990s. as a result, the town became the first American neighbourhood for hundred of refugees fleeing the war-torn zones such as Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan, Liberia, and others. In the long run, Clarkston was filled with a higher number of different cultural groups, replacing its previous homogenous community. Unlike in the past, now there were women wearing hijabs, scents of curry and cumin, and children of different colours playing on any open space in the town. At that time, Luma Mufleh, an American-schooled woman of Jordanian descent also resided in Clarkston, Georgia. It is Luma Mufleh’s right actions that resulted in the foundation of a refugee soccer team, with the objective of establishing unity among different culture groups, and to keep children off the streets (Outcasts United, 2009). In the story, so many problems occurred for refugees in their new community, but my main focus in this essay will be how to use specific tools to reduce the

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