Outcome of Banning Smoking in Public Areas

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This article talks about how the number of premature births and severe childhood asthma problems has dropped by after smoking was banned in public places. Researchers from the University of Maastricht and the University of Edinburgh studied 250,000 hospital visits and more than 2.5 million births for asthma attacks in children. It was discovered that “preterm births and hospital attendance for asthma has fallen by 10% “ especially in areas where smoking is banned.

Though banning smoking at in public places would possibly have a negative effect, because people may start to smoke more at home. However the study provides proof that banning smoking in public areas has created a positive impact on child health. Moreover, it was found that this law has created public heal benefits for perinatal and child birth and it “provides strong support for the World Health Organizaion” in order to make smoke-free areas in more states and countries. The study looked at how anti-smoking laws affect the health of the children that live in those regions.

It was found that smoke-free public environments such as restaurants, workplace and bars “protect adults from the dangers of passive smoking”. Also they discovered that there was a 5% decline in children that were born very small for their age after they introduced the smoke-free laws. Exactly 40% of children throughout the world are exposed to second-hand smoking on a regular basis, which causes respiratory disease and sever asthma problems

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