Outdoor Adventure Paintball Park Should Take Advantage

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Introduction This company has many potential bright spots that we have noticed. With the two closest competitors being 30 – 45 miles away and not offering nearly the same amenities, Outdoor Adventure Paintball Park should take advantage. Offering high quality paintball fun and at a decent price should capture high quantity of customers. Carl, Joe and John are investors who are running a very lucrative business. The three business partners run a business called Outdoor Adventure Paintball Park that provides outdoor fun and entertainment to its customers. The business keeps on growing progressively as more customers; as well as old clients are increasing their consumption of the services. The business has made huge profits in gross sales, …show more content…

Outdoor Adventure Paintball Park, however, experiences weaknesses in their planning, controlling and the organizing roles. Carl has not established effectively the responsibilities of each staff. The employees have started complaining that they do not understand their assigned duties when outside of the paint ball fields. Some of them feel that they require additional training that will help them conduct other duties efficiently. Carl, with the help of John and Joe should come up with strategies that will lay out all responsibilities clearly to ensure efficiency is achieved at all levels. In organizing, Carl needs to identify the perfect organizational structure that will allow effective distribution of resources. Carl, John and Joe have failed to align the present resources and manpower effectively that will ensure successive results. The business is experiencing deteriorated sales because the three partners have not established common objectives. The strength that the partners have shown is incorporated in the leading role. They have managed to lead and guide the employees on the specific duties. However, establishing the necessary roles and duties of each employee will ensure productivity and effective manpower. The partners could consider hiring of managerial heads, as well as more accountants that will contribute to successive results as the business expands. This option will also give the

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