Why Working Partnership With Others Is Important For Children And Young People

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Why working in partnership with others is important for children and young people. Partnerships help children and young people to interact with others to achieve a common goal to mutual benefit. It helps to forget and understanding of how others work (not necessarily as we would) and good common human interaction possibly reducing selfishness, creating leadership skills and teamwork • Improved outcomes for children and families through access to a wider range of services • Benefits for staff and services, such as less replication between different service providers • Increased efficiency in the delivery of services through better links between different providers • To make work more effective • To meet children’s individual needs Identify who relevant partners would be in own work setting. • Social services • Careers • SENCO • Speech Therapist • Ofsted • Health Visitor • GP (Doctor) • Pediatrician • Physiotherapist • Psychologist Define the characteristics of effective partnership working. Effective partnerships: • Involve agencies working together for mutual benefit • Have an aim that is agreed and understood by all the partners • Put the learner at the centre of partnership working • Focus on a high-quality learning experience leading to sustainable progression • Have clear, effective leadership • Identify the role of each partner, which is understood by others in the partnership • Share ownership of the
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