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Have you ever been cyberbullied before? If you have not then you may in the future. Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place using technology. Some examples are text messages, emails, and all the social media websites out there. Some things I want to go over are what cyberbullying is, how to prevent it, and lastly what not to do if you're being cyberbullied.
Cyberbullying can be posting pictures, sending texts or emails, and posting …show more content…

As a parent you can have your child follow these rules until you think they are responsible enough. At it gives some ideas on how to stop cyberbullying. A lot of times just warning the kids of how extreme the consequences are can be enough. In order to stop cyberbullying one thing you can do is take five and not be afraid of doing something about it. Cyberbullying is taken very seriously and the FBI will sometimes even get involved. Also one thing you have to remember is the bully is just like any other bully and wants you to fall down to their level. When i was in school we had an assembly about this and the guy running it told us that bullies can be just like gaston from beauty and the beast. No matter what anyone tells him about the beast he won't believe it and he eventually gets the whole town on his side but the beast ends up winning despite all that they were trying to do. In order to stop bullies we can't give them what they want and fall to their level no matter …show more content…

At ittells you some of these things. The first is don't sink to the bullies level. If you do this then the bullying will not stop because you are doing exactly what he wants you to do. The second thing you shouldn't do is send or forward any content or messages to the bully. The last thing you want to do is make the bully even more mad than he already is. Also on top of that you could get yourself in trouble with the law because you are now becoming a cyberbully too. You never know how long a chain of emails can go before someone puts it to a stop. Don’t let bullies destroy your self-esteem. No one deserves to be harassed because often Cyberbullies cowardly and destructive actions are more about their own problems than they are about you. When bullying gets you down let someone talk to you and help. All a bully wants to do is bring you down and the first step to getting them to stop is by not doing what they want you to

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