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FYS Will China Democratize?
Dr. Kate Kaup
Take Home Midterm Exam: Due In Class on Monday

Please use no more than *75* minutes to complete your midterm. Please write the start and finish time on your midterm. Please do not consult your notes or readings (or classmates! ☺ )

Part One: Identify and explain the significance of **four** of the following terms. Give the date where appropriate. (8 points each, 32 points total. Recommended time: 20 minutes)

Household/Agricultural Responsibility System

Anti-Rightist Campaign: Spring of 1957; against anyone who did not support the CCP; rightist was defined however Mao saw fit; followed the 100 Flowers Campaign in order to purge the opposition.

Hukou: The House Registration System. This system registered Chinese citizens as residing in a certain area to restrict the movement of people and keep them from moving around from the rural areas to the urban areas. This system was used by Mao to insure stability. This system is not very efficient because people illegally move and work in places that aren’t listed on their Hukou registration.

Regional Ethnic Autonomy Law: Allows regions to have some form of self-government. This law protects the rights of the ethnic minorities in China (Uyghurs, Tibetans, etc.).

Soviet Model

Social Realism

Four Cardinal Principals:
1. Support of Ma Zedong Thought, Marxism, and Leninism
2. Democratic Dictatorship
3. CCP
4. Socialism

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