Outline Of A Finance Manager Position Falls Under The Finance Career Cluster

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Matt Carnahan
Mrs. Houser
Principles of Business Management
10 April 2015
Career Research Paper
The Job Itself
Finance Managers
The finance manager position falls under the Finance Career Cluster. Finance managers direct and control the financial operations of a business. They are responsible for developing, planning, and coordinating the accounting, investing, banking, and insurance activities of a company. Finance managers should take an active role in monitoring and analyzing a company’s finances in order to advise the top executives on the financial health of the company. The outlook of finance manager positions is about a 9% growth until 2022. The growth of the economy, the development of new businesses, and the globalization of
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Top Executives
The top executive position falls under the Business, Management & Administration Career Cluster. Top executives plan, control and coordinate the activities of business to ensure that its goals are being met. The responsibilities of top executives largely depend on the size of the company. A top executive in a smaller company would have more general range of responsibilities within the organization. A top executive in a larger company would have a more specific title with more specific responsibilities. For instance, a top executive who oversees a company’s financial activities would be considered a financial executive, while a top executive who manages general activities related to production would be considered an operational executive.
Like finance managers, top executives often have 40-60 hour work weeks and 10-12 hour work days. Due to the management aspect of the position, many top executives are required to late into the evenings and on the weekends. This will depend on the specialization of the position and its responsibilities. The median pay for top executives in 2012 was $101,650 per year. However, this pay is relatively variable because the title of top executive encompasses a wide range of positions from general manager to chief executive officer. Companies often give their top executives the greatest benefits they can offer such as stock options, bonuses, and
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