Outline Of A Proposal Outline

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Date: April 10, 2015
To: Amanda Rico, Instructor: English 210 Section 581
From: Jared Glenn
Subject: MWP 2 Outline of Report Completion

The purpose of this memo is to provide an outline of the topics I plan to conduct further research on and compile that research in a formalized report over the specifics of those topics. The final result will be a proposed program, backed with modern research sourcing, ready for completion.
In reference to my last memo, I discussed plans to make alterations to Francis Hall, a newly renovated building on the Texas A&M Campus for the Construction Science Department and student. Specifically, the first task is survey to compile major courses of action, followed by compiling a proposal in conjunction with a general contractor for consideration by the Board of Regents. The original renovation had a budget of 5 million dollars, which included classrooms, a computer lab, student lounge, lavatories, and staff offices. The renovation is suitable for the current status of Construction Science; however the growing program will soon outgrow the building. For these reasons, I am writing a follow up memo of the topics to be included in my upcoming researched recommendation report.
Tasks to be Researched
With approval to conduct research on my proposed tasks, I will begin by restating each task from the original memo, followed by the subtasks I will research for each main task.
Main Task 1. Research student opinion, and popular
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