Outline The Influence Of Biological Influences On Mental Illness

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Psychologically, people who suffered from mental illness are more likely to have being traumatised, being neglected, too emotional and sexually abuse. There are so many things that triggers mental illness which are low self-esteem, poverty, loss of job, anger, anxiety, death of loved ones like parents, friend or someone important, loneliness, adverse childhood experience, relationships and divorce. Psychologically, causes of mental illness such as cognitive biases, being depressed emotionally, personality dynamics and managing the situation of life. There are, of course, biological and brain is very important in all part of the body so if its stops functioning, its affect the head mentally. Different kinds of experience happen. However, there is no evidence to justify that biological…show more content…
This social influence includes child abuse, family neglect, bullying, social stress, traumatic events, employment problem, lack of social cohesion and other social imbalances that expose one to untold hardship. In this circumstance, child abuse especially the uncontrolled beating of some children by their parents, family members or guardians especially where the practice of menial job is still in vogue or husbands beating his wife recklessly or the master caning his subject or ward or apprentice incessantly can cause mental illness. In fact, the health practitioners still find it uneasy to avoid a situation where threats to/ threatening others’ lives have caused a lot of panic that destabilized some people lost their normal senses. Unnecessary stress and lack of rest or sleep have been the causative agents of mental illness to some people. To regulate people stress even when advised to have a rest for some hours is still difficult to achieve for health practitioners as some people defer all medical advices on their mental stability until they exhaust their energy and run out of control (Brülde,
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