Outline and discuss Marx's theory of Alienation Essay

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Outline and Discuss Marx’s Theory of Alienation
Karl Marx’s Theory of Alienation is the assertion that through Capitalist industrial practices, the worker will experience a series of feelings of disconnection from integral parts of the labour process and ultimately, from humanity itself. I will argue that this theory will be relevant as long as the reign of Capitalism dominates modern society. Marx advocates that the only way alienation can be alleviated is through the destruction of the current economic base which he predicts is an inevitable gravitation towards a classless, stateless society known as socialism. In order to fully grasp Marx’s theory, we must first delve into two accounts of alienation from Hegel and Feurbach. …show more content…

He chose to look to the structure of society to pinpoint what breeds a need for a controlling force over us and wanted to know why other forms of alienation from the human condition occurred and how they did so. We must address Marx’s idea of humanity in order to understand what exactly it is that we are being separated from. He rejects the idea of a Cartesian Dualistic view of consciousness in favour of that which pertains to materialism. Consciousness itself must be materialised through communicative devices such as language and art and it is this ability to communicate in a concrete fashion devoid of instinctual forces that is one of the features of humanity that distinguishes us from animals. (Allen, K. 2011 p. 56). Humans are unique creatures in that we are hugely influenced by our surroundings; both physical and social and our ability to manipulate these surroundings arise from learned social interactions rather than instinct. Our genetically constructed physicality such as our manual dexterity skill allow us to learn how to build tools which can be used to shape our environment; our agency to renovate nature makes us social beings and in order to exchange ideas on how to do so, we must communicate via socialisation. Therefore, according to Marx, for us to be considered fully human, we must actively participate in changing the world around us, but

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