Outsiders In Andy Mulligan's Trash

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Although mainstream society generally misinterpret outsiders as negative, they are actually people who possess a numerous amount of desirable characteristics that could positively/importantly impact the community [as well as inspiring them] if given the chance. This idea is represented through the novel ‘Trash’ written by Andy Mulligan, mainly by the main characters Raphael, Gardo and Rat. This response will focus on the unique aspect, loyal and generous nature and resilient-self of outsiders. Many people consider outsiders as dull and tedious, but, creativity comes to them naturally, they are able to see and think in a different perspective due to their exceptional and unique life experiences which serve them as good thinkers in society. In the novel, the way that Gardo thinks in ‘Oh really think they’ll give it? think he’ll hold onto ten thousand?’ verifies the author’s intention to convey a message that the society should not judge outsiders based on their socioeconomic status because each and one of them have gone through [many] [amazing] journeys and experiences in their …show more content…

Moreover, due to their unbreakable genuine and loyal personality, it has further intensify the resilient characteristic of outsiders that aids them to overcome many challenges throughout their life, hence if they are given the chance to change the world, outsiders would be a highly important asset to our world and they would be able to bring positivism and will further strengthen our society to be a better

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