Overcoming Fear: Five Characteristics of Marine Corps

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General Purpose: To inform

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience of the five characteristics that enable Marines to overcome fear.

Central Idea: There are five characteristics of the Marine Corps that help Marines overcome fears.

Many Marines do not like to admit when they are scared. Some don’t ever show emotion. But everyone gets scared at some point in their life. It could be something as simple as getting a passing grade on a test or assignment. It could be as extreme as being part of an elite squad of ground pounding Marines who are getting ready to kick in doors or go in to rescue a sniper squad that has been pinned down by enemy fire. How do you think you would feel? Scared? Maybe a little intimidated?
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Show pride in the history of the Corps and observe its many traditions.

1. Taking a walk through the National Museum of the Marine Corps and immersing yourself in our history and learning about those that came before you can strengthen the esprit de corps within yourself. 2. Observation of traditions such as the Marine Corps birthday shows your recognition of the important role Marines have played in forming the United States of America into the country it is today.

Transition: While esprit de corps shows the enthusiasm the unit expresses for the Marine Corps, morale depends on a Marines attitude towards everything that affects them.
Morale is an individual’s state of mind.
High morale gives the Marine a feeling of confidence and well-being that enables them to face hardship with courage, endurance, and determination.6
Indicators of morale can be either positive or negative
Personal appearance and hygiene.
Motivation during training.
A request for transfer.
The usage and abuse of drugs and alcohol.7

Summary: By demonstrating these five aspects which are; discipline, motivation, esprit de corps, morale, and proficiency, you are showing yourself and others how to overcome the obstacle of fear. As a Marine you need to be able to lead others while being able to control your fear. By channeling your emotions, you will find it easier to accomplish the mission at hand. Fear is

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