Overcoming Immigrants In America

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As the daughter of two immigrant parents, I've had the same feeling children from immigrant workers experience.To live in fear, not knowing whether or not their families will have enough food and a home for the next day. Many families like my own live paycheck to paycheck, never having enough money to survive. Sometime it's either you pay the rent, or you buy food, and at the end there is nothing left other than the safety of their families. Farm workers work in low paying jobs, long painful hours, harsh work conditions, and on top of that they can’t spend time with their families because they don’t have the time to do it all. Immigrants flee from their home countries because of poverty, violence, lack of resources, war, etc. However, all immigrants have one goal in common which is the chance of a better life. Although, these “people [coming into] California [become] slaves to their work” (Consuelo Fernandez), but not only are the workers becoming slaves so are their families. Children are forced to see their parents become slaves to their work routine. Children also become slaves: slaves to not being able to do anything, to loneliness, to feeling useless, to feeling neglected and to not be able to experience family moments like every regular kid in America. Soon they're “better” life only becomes better economically at their cost of happiness. Migrating isn’t an option , but a necessity for a better tomorrow. Many say they will only stay for a couple months; long

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