What Is The Key Of Overcoming Marginalization

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Jingwei Zhang English for Academic Discourse: 2 George Schroefper Essay1-First Rough Draft The Key of Overcoming Marginalization THIS IS IMPORTANT: LOOK CAREFULLY AT WHAT YOU HAVE. ASK YOURSELF IF THERE IS ANY REPETITION? DO YOU FEEL THAT YOU ARE LOOKING AT THE SAME IDEA MORE THAN ONCE? HERE IS A SUGGESTION: YOU WRITE ABOUT SOCIAL POWER. IN BAMBARA, WHAT MIGHT SYLVIA DO WITH SOCIAL POWER? WHAT COULD SHE CHANGE IF SHE HAD IT—AND WHY? COULD SYLVIA MAYBE BECOME AS POWERFUL AS HAROLD BROWNING—OR MORE POWERFUL? Success in America usually depends on family background, family income and other factors. Race, gender and classes have an effect on the way of success. ADD A COUPLE OF SENTENCES HERE TO DEVELOP THIS IDEA In “The …show more content…

CAN SOMEONE UNDERSTAND POVERTY BETTER IF THAT PERSON IS EDUCATED? HERE IS A SUGGESTION FOR A TRANSITION: WHY NOT SAY THAT IF ONE HAS THE EDUCATION THEN HE OR SHE CAN LEARN HOW TO REPOSITION HIMSELF IN SOCIETY. HE CAN CHANGE HIS CLASS STANDING. BY CHANGING HIS OR HER STANDING THE PERSON THEN CAN GAIN SOCIAL POWER. Social status means power, economic standing means money. However, one of the myths in “Class in America” is that the United States is fundamentally a classless society. Class distinctions are largely irrelevant today, and whatever differences do exist in economic standing, they are –for the most part—insignificant. In this statement, it seems that class standing is unimportant anymore. But it is just an America dream. DOES THIS MEAN THAT POWER IS ALL IMPORTANT IN AMERICA In other hand, Mantsios also mention the reality which we find enormous class difference in the life-style among the haves, the have-nots, and the have-little. So in this statement, different class standing will cause the difference in life-style and the attitude of life. We can find support in “The lesson”, Bambara described two different situations between Junebug and Mercedes. Junebug mentioned that I do not even have a desk. To contrary, Mercedes mentioned that I do, I have a box of stationery on my desk and a picture of my cat. Comparing those two different situations, it’s easy to see that one is in lower class; the one also is

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