The American Dream for Immigrants Essay

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The American Dream is that dream of a nation in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with options for each according to capacity or accomplishments. It is a dream of social stability in which each man and each woman shall be able to achieve to the fullest distinction of which they are essentially competent, and be distinguished by others for what they are, despite of the incidental conditions of birth or stance. People consider America the land of opportunities, a new beginning to a new life in which they can strive and succeed. America is known as the land of the free where if you have the perseverance you can achieve what you want from life. However does the American Dream apply to even those of color equally? …show more content…

The truth about American society is not pretty, and the facts prove it. According to the United States census Bureau, blacks are twice as likely to be poor compared to other races, and eight times as likely to be imprisoned. Blacks are also three times more likely to be convicted of drug violations than whites. Only 75 percent of blacks have received post-high school education, compared to 85 percent of whites. Not surprisingly, blacks on average also make less money than whites. As of yet, black people have not been proven to possess any kind of genetic deficiency therefore, racially speaking, there must be something wrong with our society which makes it complicated and mostly unrealistic today for people with different ethnicities, race, or color to achieve the American Dream.
The State of Opportunity team was looking into ways African Americans in Michigan can get ahead by collecting statistics along with personal stories of families in order to create a poverty fixation project. Putting an end to a two week long data collection session, the team created a list of a four facts about the American Dream. The first fact stated that if you wanted to achieve the American Dream, America is actually not a very good place to try to do it. Well at least when it’s compared to other industrialized nations. They found out that if you start out poor and you want to get ahead, you would have a

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