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Introduction is an online retailer that offers products that is either produced for the company or purchased by them for other wholesalers or vendors as they serve as the intermediary. Their products are for sale to customers at wholesale or less wholesale prices. The goods for sale include bed-and-bath supplies, home appliances, kitchen utensils, watches, jewelry, gadgets, sporting merchandise, clothes and accessories.
SWOT Analysis
The source of’s power on its expansion plans come from their skilled executive team and large funds set aside to take advantage of unanticipated opportunities. Among the online retailers at present, the prices of their merchandise are lower than competitors such as and This is because their products come from overstock, bargain basement priced companies.
Until now, has not recovered their expenses and the marketing expenditures per buyer have increased in the earlier year. Their ratings on customer service are not doing well thus; the company should improve this part. has low profitability and productivity.
Online opportunities keep on growing with regards to retailing both all over the country and internationally. Specifically, the company should take the business overseas given that has great business model. Brand franchising or access into international markets may open new doors into company’s success.
As to

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