Overview Of Thailand Petroleum Industry Essay

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4.1. Overview of Thailand Petroleum Industry The ten countries in Southeast Asia established the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is straining an increasingly significant effect to world energy trends. Based on the report of the International Energy Agency (IEA) broadcasted by the Southeast Asia Energy Outlook Re-port (2015), the natural resources of Southeast Asia is abundant precisely fossil fuel resources in-cluding petroleum, gas, and coal and the significant countries that possess the major fossil resources are Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand was ranked a number four of dominant countries. However, Thailand also was positioning in the second-highest energy consumption in Southeast Asia as a following
Backing to 1950s, due to two major plans followings: rapidly changing of the economical conditions in Thailand, additionally, developed infrastructure and new street system. At the begin-ning of this era the supply of both crude and refined oil were heavily imported from abroad, espe-cially Indonesia and some Middle Eastern countries. Therefore, Thai government planned to develop the petroleum industry in Thailand as supporting forecasted growing industries, transportations, as well as household consumption in the next 10 years that gradually increased number of energy consumers. In 1960s, the first Thai petroleum refinery company was established. The company had a permission to produce petroleum refineries by the government. In the period of

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