The End Of Conventional Oil Essay

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End of Conventional Oil Don’t worry about replacing that luggage just yet! Air transportation will end in the near future if not enough advancements are made to eliminate the industry’s heavy reliance on oil consumption. It is estimated that conventional oil will only be accessible to us for the next 33 years (Dr. Oriet). As the supply diminishes, the price will continuously increase until it is unaffordable for most people and businesses. Although oil has been burned to generate energy since the 18th century (Mitsubishi, n.d.), reliance on this resource has grown at a staggering rate as cities have become more urbanized and the demands for more oil, as a significant source of energy, have continued to expand. This trend indicates that an even greater supply will be needed as time goes on despite the fact we know there won’t be enough oil to meet demand. Eventually, because oil is a non-renewable resource, it will run out. This will pose significant problems for many industries including the airline industry. Many people of this generation have become accustomed to easy access to air travel and the opportunity to travel around the world. When the option to fly no longer exists, it will affect more than just tourism; the negative effects will also be felt in global trade and the employment of many people, causing significant economic and social impacts. In efforts to deal with this problem ahead of an oil shortage, engineers have begun researching innovative strategies to
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