Overview Of The LGBTQ Community

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Introduction LGBTQ elders, regardless of their sexual orientation, face a number of unique health related challenges as they age. Amongst those challenges are increased isolation, stigma, and loss of cognitive functioning (Hoy-Ellis, Ator, Kerr & Milford, 2016). In this essay I have chosen to write on this topic and conducted a literature search on EBSCOhost using the search terms ‘LGBTQ’ and ‘aging.’ The following is based on the article, “Innovative approaches addressing aging and mental health needs in LGBTQ communities” (Hoy-Ellis, Ator, Kerr & Milford, 2016). Summary of Findings
As individuals, we all face some of the same health issues, but according to (Fredriksen- Goldsen, 2016 ), LGBT communities have some unique needs that
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56, 2016). although some discrimination isn't blatantly like before towards the , LGBTQ elders still experience hurdles for much needed mental health services. some agencies in an effort to be more inclusive, actually, unknowingly put up barriers to the LGBTQ lders. they often don't have children, and are more appt to isolation , thus bringing in depression. they need special outreach to help them feel like they truly belong to the community (Hoy-Ellis, Ator, Kerr & Milford, 2016).

Implications for Practice. One of the few things that need to change is a health promotion program, and the impact of the delivery of healthcare programs and policies as stated by (The Coalition for Senior housing, 2007) Annual check ups and treatments should be based on present anatomy. Having regular check-ups for sexually transmitted diseases, an annual Pap smear regardless of sexual activity, regular testicular examination for adolescent and adult men, and having health provider’s aware of these risk factors that LGBTQ face. social workers can better assist the individual in identifying social support systems and/or addressing depression later in life. “In an effort to increase wellness in the GLBT communities, community organizations, community clinics, and advocates have worked to incorporate cultural competency training , and increase awareness and understanding about the GLBT individuals
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