Overview of Fashion and Textile Marketing

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Fashion and Textile Marketing Table of Contents Abstract: 3 Part 1: Introduction Market trends evaluation: 4 Brand Identity: 4 Brand USP (Unique Selling Point): 5 Target Market: 5 The needs of the Brand's target consumer: 5 Part 2: Marketing Mix: 6 Product: 6 Price: 7 Promotion: 8 Place: 8 Part 3: Discussion: 9 Conclusion and Recommendations: 10 Bibliography: 12 Abstract: The fashion industry and usage of luxury products is increasing despite low economic growth and recession in global business markets. The emerging markets including China holds a potential for sales of luxury products and fashion articles. The availability of internationalbrands in china requires local brands to establish strategiesforefficiently catering the market. The brand, NE- Tiger, Shanghai Tang and numerous other players are required to adopt strategiesthat are developed on the basis of marketing research, data, and analysis of consumer trends. These businesses can take advantage of the trends in order to increase their business base. Part 1: Introduction Market trends evaluation: The market trends for fashion industry plays a vital role in developing business prospects for a luxury brand. The virgin consumer trends reflect that China is a leading emerging market in terms of fashion goods consumption. The current market and consumer trends analysis is conducted to provide a detailed insight about the consumer trends in china regarding fashion clothing brands. It
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