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What is PGD?
The demand for Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) involves people that have genetic or chromosomal disorder, either personally or in their genetic makeup, who desire a healthy baby that doesn’t acquire the genetic or chromosomal disorder for example; Cystic Fibrosis and Huntington’s Disease.
Preimplantation genetic diagnosis with assistants from IVF meets this demand. PGD is a reproductive option for those who do not want to pass on specific genetic disorders or chromosome imbalance to their offspring. After undergoing IVF, embryologist’s will screen the embryos DNA. Embryo’s which contain obvious genetic abnormalities will be excluded and unaffected embryo’s will be transferred to the uterus; therefore, the patient can …show more content…

Cystic Fibrosis
- Carriers with chromosomal disorders e.g. Down Syndrome
- Persisting miscarriages connected with chromosomal concerns e.g. Down Syndrome
- Females aged 35 and over.

Biological Implications:
- No guarantee a patient will end up pregnant after IVF/PGD.
- Never 100% guarantee of results. Results can be incorrect, resulting in undesirable outcomes.
- IVF is required even if couples are fertile. This is emotionally and physically demanding.
- Patients older than 30 have decreased chances of implantation.
- Not all embryos survive PGD genetic screening procedure.
- In some cases, not enough eggs are produced or fertilized during IVF producers.
- All embryos tested are affected with genetic disorders and are not used for implantation. Therefore, no pregnancy after participating IVF/PGD.
- Technical issues occurring during genetic screening process.
- PGD doesn’t eliminate the fact that genetically screen embryos can develop disabilities later in life.

Significance of Biological Implications:
Multiple negative biological implications result in unsuccessful outcome, meaning a healthy baby was not produced. This has significance because they process is so expensive, many patients would see this as wasted money if they didn’t get the results they were expecting. Many sacrifices are made by couples who participate in IVF/PGD including mental, physical and financial challenges. If IVF/PGD fails, it would not only be disappointing for the patient but

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