PICO Case Study Essay

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This case involved a preschool student diagnosed with CP that affected his balance and motor control on the left side. Behaviors that affected his performance at school included inattention and impulsivity. Traditional physical therapy in the school environment consists primarily of functional training. The PICO question addressed if yoga, as a therapeutic intervention, along with the traditional therapy that this child receives will improve motor control, balance, attention, and impulsivity.
The strongest evidence supported that yoga would improve balance performance (Berger et al., 2009; Hart & Tracy, 2008; Wurz et al., 2014). The yoga intervention in the study by Hart and Tracy (2008) involved the use of yoga postures, which is characteristic …show more content…

This therapist has used yoga for treatment in students with neuromuscular involvement judiciously; however, the evidence behind it was not explored. The student’s mother is supportive of alternative treatment approaches and has expressed that she would prefer her son not to be medicated to control his inattention and impulsivity. Additionally, he is a compliant student despite his impulsive behavior and it is likely that he will participate in the yoga intervention. Yoga postures will be implemented as part of the treatment program for this preschool student diagnosed with CP. Additionally, this therapist has built a rapport with this student and his mother over the past 2 years, and will develop an exercise program consisting of the beneficial yoga postures for him to use at home. Furthermore, this therapist will instruct the classroom staff so that the yoga postures can be incorporated into their classroom routine. The benefit of being a physical therapist in the school setting is having an entire school year to carry out the yoga intervention. According to Jeter, Nkodo, Moonaz, and Dagnelie (2014) improvement in outcomes is directly related to the frequency and duration of the practice of yoga. It is anticipated that yoga as an adjunct therapy to traditional therapy for this student will improve his functional mobility and balance when

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