PSY201 Week 9: Social Psychology Paper Scenario

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1. The main factor that contributed to Sarah’s attitude towards her curfew was social cognition. Partying with friends was yet a new thing to her and she had been hearing of it from her friends but had never been to it due to the restrictions put by her parents. It was her curiosity to better know and understand her society and to see the things that she had heard of which actually made her break the curfew and go to the party. Moreover, there is also an underlying optimistic bias that influenced her decision to do so where she believes that things will turn out to be well overall. So, it is her social cognition that she still does not know very well of her society and that there is more to see and know for which she takes the decision. …show more content…
4. The main reason that Jack feels attracted to Sarah is because they share the same interests. At the party both come to know that they liked the same music and that they also shared a few hobbies. Moreover, Jack also felt attracted to her because she was beautiful and asked her out to a date the following week. Here, all the five factors related to attraction including proximity, association, similarity, reciprocal liking and physical attractiveness are at play. Jack lives in Sarah’s neighborhood so proximity is also a factor behind the attraction. There is association where they are meeting in a situation that they really enjoy, the party. There is also similarity in taste and hobby as well as reciprocal liking as jack can feel that Sarah also likes her. The last important factor is physical attractiveness which is evident when jack discloses to Sarah that he finds her beautiful and physically attractive. Thus we can see all the factors of attraction at play here.
5. The kind of social interaction which is at display in the fight during the party is conflict. Conflict is generally taken to be a normal and essential part of social interaction. It is not seen as an anomaly but as an essential part of the social landscape. The fight between the two boys at night is also an example of conflict which may have happened and motivated by the pursuit of self interests. It affected others also at the party. People started leaving the party after
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