Examples of Psychological Contradictory Cognitions Essay

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The main factor that contributed to Sarah’s attitude regarding her curfew was social cognition. Sarah’s friends were into partying and Sarah never had the experience to party with her friends due to her parents restrictions. Sarah’s curiosity to understand the society of her friends made her break the curfew rule and join her friends to the party. Optimistic bias that influenced her decision to go to the party, where she believed everything will turn out to be well. Social cognition, that she still does not know her society. Also Sarah feels fear that she will miss the party and the adventure. This is a new experience for her and curiosity will outweigh fear of punishment. Sarah has dissonant cognitions in her mind when she makes the …show more content…

They both also live in the same neighborhood. Jack also thinks Sarah is beautiful and asks her out on a date. There are three factors that relate of attention between Jack and Sarah. Physical attractiveness, Jack thinks Sarah is beautiful. The fact they live in the same neighborhood factors proximity. The fact they live close to each other can be attractive. Lastly, they share the same similarity which is major determinant of creating contacts between two people. Fighting among people is a negative reaction to social interaction among people. Most people do not want to be around negative conflicts. Fighting is a result of aggression which can become hostile. With any conflict most people are curiosity at first until the problem becomes serious. The group at the party went to view the conflict, but once the two boys started physically fighting the group left the area. The group of people left maybe because of fear someone getting hurt or fear the fight would get out of hand and the authority being called. Sarah’s behavior was influenced first by her friends to go to the party. After attending the party her behavior was influenced by the students and how they were interacting at the party. She adapted her behavior to fit in among the group of students socially. The fear of not being social and being labeled as a loner or unsociable might have helped her to decide to attend the party. Sarah and her friend’s behavior

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