Pablo Picasso Guernic Importance Of The Work

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Luigi Vittatoe
Professor Rockford Sansom
HUM1021 Integrated Arts
October 14, 2015
Pablo Picasso Guernica
Importance of the work
From a patron’s point of view, Guernica is a powerful tool that shows the absolute power of art in society. It displays a sign of relevance in the use of art to communicate serious matters and helpful ideas. Most people may view artwork as things for entertainment; some have been quoted to say artists are crazy, somewhat lazy. It should be appreciated and understood clearly that the artists are people of sound mind who sees things in the environment and chose to articulate critical human issues using their creativity.
Picasso; the artist, seemed to be bound by many challenges in his life, just like any other person. He was tortured by the brutal civil wars that were in his motherland (Spain). The political wrangles went overboard and transformed into brutal killings. The forces from the Republicans that were loyal to the ruling new government went embattled by the fascist coup that was organized by General Franco. Contrary to his promises of stability and prosperity in Spain, Franco delivered abundant destructions and deaths.
Guernica is thus important work at the time when it was created. Should we say it is up to date? Of course yes. The prevailing at that time required a candid and brave way to say enough is enough to the atrocities that were engulfing Spain. Picasso chose the initiative although after being disturbed for almost three months by
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