Pacem In Terris

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Pacem in Terris was read and accepted by readers outside the Catholic Church in a way that no other encyclical had been. One reason for this was undoubtedly the charisma of John XXIII himself, who addressed his encyclical not only to bishops, clergy and the faithful, but also to men of good will. Another was living with the constant threat of the Cold War thinking about where and when it would next lead.
This document was born in the mind of John XXIII in the fall of 1962 which was during the Cuban missile crises when he was serving as the back channel between President John F. Kennedy and the soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev who were urging to end the cold world war. The main reason of this document was because for Pope, the missile crisis was a very prophetic moment. This was like a message for peace to the superpowers who were locked in the world threatening contest.
The documents talks about the rights and duties for the people which includes the right to live, which includes the proper
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The Pope condemned authority from both the political right as well as the political left. The main motive if Pope to do this was to make the people realize that they were responsible for changing their societies and reducing the threat of war. Pope was mainly into promoting human rights which was very much visible into the choice of subtopics which were included in the encyclical.
However, perhaps the most important reason why it was so readily accepted was the power of the document itself. In 1965, Robert Hutchens, head of the Centre for Democratic Institutions in the United States described Pacem in Terris as "one of the most profound and significant documents of our age … which consigns nuclear arms, nationalism, colonialism, racism, and non-constitutional regimes to the wastebasket of
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