Should Children Get Paid For Good Grades Essay

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A child comes home from school, crying. She holds her report card in shaking hands, and knows what will happen to her. She got a C on her report card, unlike all of her friends, who got A’s. She knows now that she will be the only girl in her class not to get paid for getting a good mark. This young girl, with tears in her eyes, knows that she tried her best, but it still wasn’t enough to earn her a cash sum.

There are a few reasons why children should not get paid for good grades. First, they lose out on valuable life lessons. Second, it is hard to provide the money for all of the children that get A’s. Third, it can become a competition and can cause problems amongst friends and family. Finally, children aren’t mentally prepared for handling the stress of money.

First of all, children lose out on valuable life lessons. Paying for a child’s good grades will stop the child from learning about getting achievements for the pride, not for the reward. It can also enforce in a child the message that the only rewards you want from life is money. We expect students to get good grades, so why should we be paying them for something expected of them?

We can also be telling kids to find an easy route to get the best rewards, making them lose the life lesson of working hard to get what you want. Kirabo Jackson, an assistant professor, says “By rewarding people for a GPA, you’re actually giving them an impetus to take an easier route through college.”. Other critics have

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