Pain Is A Sensation That Humans Feel

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Pain is a sensation that humans feel in a variety of different ways. Humans react to this sensation depending on the type of pain that is felt. Physical pain may result in various forms of impaired daily living, given the severity of the injury the person has suffered, or the amount of pain being experienced. Emotional pain may become just as inhibiting as physical pain and may also impact daily functioning. Since many have experienced the same type of pain, whether it is physical or emotional, we are able to empathize with others while they experience pain or are going through hard times. Our ability to do this can be based on the theory of mind, which allows us to understand that others are their own unique beings like ourselves …show more content…

Though they do have a lower number of C fibers, it is argued that having this physical ability to feel a noxious stimulus means that they then are able to feel pain. For this argument, it is also looked at how fish react when they are presented with a painful stimulus. It is thought by some that if a fish moves away from or reacts to the painful stimulus, that this then proves they feel pain. It is also not as simple as asking if they are in pain because communication with animals does not happen the same way it does with humans. The question cannot simply be posed to them, “Are you in pain?” Because of this, scientists must treat animal subjects, in this case fish, as they would if they were testing human babies since neither has the communication capabilities of an adult human (Key, 2014). A study by Sneddon and colleges looks at the response fish have to noxious stimuli, specifically rainbow trout (Sneddon, Braithwaite, & Gentle, 2003). This study examined how fish react to a noxious stimuli and how that effects their reaction to a new or fearful object (Sneddon et al, 2003). This study looked at three different aspects of fish in relation to noxious stimuli, the response to an object that was not familiar, response to a familiar object, and the response to an unfamiliar object once pain has been removed (Sneddon et al, 2003). To induce pain, fish were injected with acid and then compared to

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