Pain Management Model

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Well Managed Pain is Good Nursing
Appropriate pain treatment is essential in providing quality care to patients. Pain is a universal phenomenon caused by varying biological and psychosocial factors. The role of nurses in pain management is to understand pain’s subjectivity and utilize the tools that can aid in assessments, delivery of relief, maintenance, monitoring, and control. This paper will discuss ten items patients should know about regarding pain management. Different standpoints are presented based on used of opioids pain therapy, alternative methods, and psychosocial aspects. Cultural barriers in pain management and ways to address those barriers will also be discussed. The aim of a nurse in managing pain is to deliver
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Another component of the pain management model is the implementation of the Emergency Department Information Exchange (EDIE) program which is a networked service providing accessibility to patient data of previous visits to the Emergency Department and prescription obtained in other EDIE facilities (Cahana, Dansie, Theodore, Wilson, & Turk, 2013). For patients denied of prescription, an EDIE issues a message to the patient’s PCP, if the patient has already received one. Prescription drug monitoring programs such as the one used by UWDPM is one of the systems of checks devised to help curtail the increasing number of opioids…show more content…
This conclusion is supported by the most current knowledge of the pathophysiology and etiology of substance abuse. Pain management of cancer patients without previous history of substance abuse who are using opioids therapy rarely develop new onset of substance use disorder. The Boston Collaborative surveillance project, a notable study exploring the prevalence of opioids addiction in medical illness, identified 4 cases of addiction out of 11,882 prescribed opioids on in-patients (Meera, 2011). Despite the escalating volume of medical use of opioid pain killers, the rates of drug abuse are staying low and
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