Paint the World White: Global Warming

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Global Warming is a serious problem affecting everyone. The earth’s temperature increases, the ice melts and therefore the sea level rises. Lately, increases in natural disasters are causing more damage and devastating millions of victims and scientist predict that Global Warming may be the cause. What causes global warming is a build-up in greenhouse gasses, such as carbon dioxide, water vapour, nitrous oxide and methane; which contributes to the ‘greenhouse effect’. This effect is when the sun rays come through the atmosphere, but then the heat is trapped in the atmosphere, by these gasses. However, without these gasses the earth would not be able to sustain life as it would be freezing, because the planet would not be retaining heat, and during the day it would be boiling as there would be no gasses to filter the sun’s rays; but unfortunately over the years humans have created too many of these gasses, gradually increasing the earth’s temperature. (Orcale, 2002)
Global warming causes much devastation to our planet: plants die, animals die, there is a decrease in food, and low lands are flooded, from melting glaciers. Humans are the major cause of global warming. We use electricity all the time; electricity is made by burning fossil fuels, when this is burnt greenhouse gasses are sent into the air. We are chopping down trees that absorb CO₂ (greenhouse gas.) The world needs to do something about global warming fast, before it is too late. Scientist have suggested many
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