Panama's Violation Of Human Rights Violated

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People that live in Panama and that go in and out of Panama are getting their Human Rights Violated. The Government has caused many of these incidents such as people being tortured in prisons just because the officers have the authority to. Although all of these problems happened because Panama doesn’t have a president. They have a dictator and the dictator just uses the army to stop the Panamanian people to revolt against their leader. The dictator of Panama has allowed members of the army to go into prisons and if any of the prisoners are acting up, use force to stop them. But those members in the army take advantage and beat the prisoners severely. That’s breaking their human rights but they people of Panama can’t do or say anything or else …show more content…

Washington D.C. made a plan to allow the refugee’s to stay in Panama but, Panama refused and withdrew from the plan. “We will continue forward with our policy,” Mr.[William H. Gray} told reporters. “Panama Was an important part of it, but we are in the process of building a network to provide a response to the surge of refugees caused by the deterioration of human rights in Haiti.”(Gordon). The president of Panama made a decision and the decision was to not allow them because they didn’t have the money to. Panama and ?Washington are pointing fingers at each other saying it was each other's fault. Now they will go discuss about how that violated the refugees human rights and about economics issues so this situation doesn't happen again. The President of Panama makes a bad response to the denial of refugees into Panama. He realized that not allowing the refugees into Panama made him look like a terrible leader and then made other countries take action. Other countries have provided safe havens for the refugees and Panama during this time was look upon as a country of discrimination. They didn’t allow any refugees and they bailed out on a plan that could’ve just been done at once but the President didn’t want to. Afterwords, the president of Panama realizes that his decision only cause more problems and that now those problems that he created must be solved by him and others involved …show more content…

But many of these journalists are being denied to go into the country and some of them are allowed into the country but they aren’t allowed to meeting that the dictator will have with other officials. It happened in other countries as well and progressed its way to Panama. “This summer, Bertoni submitted a report to the inter-American Commission on Human Rights documenting a program run by the Colombian government to protect journalists. The report said hundreds of journalists had benefited from the program but that it needed more political support and a larger budget.” (Boustany). Other countries were having the same problem with journalists going into the country when they are allowed to, then they are just denied and left with no information. Other countries such as Argentina and Chile are discussing about making same laws for the journalists and how they can prevent form their human rights being violated. “Civil society is responsible for these new laws. All we did was advocate it and give support while the process was underway.” (Boustany). Society is the cause for this because people such as the dictator, make sure that these things don’t happen and then the government has to try to make laws for the dictator to

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