Pancakes Short Story

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Everybody desires to be perfect. People long to have more control of their lives, yet life does not work their way.In Joan Bauer's short story, "Pancakes," he writes about a girl, named Jill, and how she manages her work at a pancake house.One Sunday when Jill was working, a group of tourists arrived at her workplace. Jill was the only waitress working at the diner so she had to balance her “perfect” way of work as new customers walk in. Jill tries maintain her “perfect” work, but the stress from customers caused her to fail at being perfect. The author’s overall argument in "Pancakes" is that it is impossible to be perfect through the use of foreshadowing, simile, and first-person narrative. Sometimes, life does not go as one expects.…show more content…
The author had used a simile to how Jill acted, “... watching my station like a hawk, keeping the coffee brewing, getting the pancakes delivered hot to the tables” (83). Hawks view their prey and then attack which is similar to how Jill looked at the customers coming in and out. Hawks have sharp eyes meaning Jill does too, and that is why the author uses a simile to compare Jill and a hawk because that must mean Jil uses her eyes to check to see if anything is not perfect to her liking. As the tourists arrive inside the diner, Jill took their orders as fast as she can. The author used in a simile to describe Jill as she worked. Bauer said that Jill “took their orders like a shotgunner shooting clay pigeons”(86). To hit a clay pigeon shotgunners must hit very fast . Hitting directly at your target, requires speed and precision to be able to shoot correctly. Bauer uses the simile to tell us that Jill has the same skills that a shotgunner. Just like the shotgunner, Jill needs to be fast to be able to get all of the customers orders. These are some of the similes used in “Pancakes” to describe Jill, but although she has the skills that every owner would want to hire, life decided to give Jill hard challenges when the customers come in the pancake house. This is why “Pancakes” was written in Jill’s point of view. Having the story in first point of view shows Jill’s whole perceptive as she deals with having to control her life, as her life goes out
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